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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Major posts below!

Wow, i was way behind! There are a ton of posts below so i could catch up on our lives and get it documented!! Here is the last post of some random kid pics and what not! I am gonna try to keep up from now on! We have just been busy as everybody gets!

here is out big man he is 10 mos, it has flown by. Cant get enough of this one!! He also just took his 1st steps today!

just some random pics of kids! And they are with our good friend robyn too! All the kids are doing well, just playing and schooling!


I am so behind on everything that this is just some quick pics of the cruise! we had sooo much fun:) Thanks to my parents for taking us on this cruise. we already can't wait for the next. We went to Jamaica and did the zipline and Dunns river falls, both so much fun. then we were supposed to go to grand caymen but because of a hurricane we ended up going to nassau bahamas and went over to Atlantis....it was so cool, we for sure want to stay at the atlantis hotel one day:)

trick or treating/carving

Our Halloween party!

as always we had a great time at the party! Jamie and nigel were the winners this year!

Goose's halloween party

we always have a great time at the annual kid Halloween party!

black island farms

Our friends gave Brooke and I some free tickets to go to black island farms! the kids had a blast, i recommend going there next year!!

Its great to be 8!!

Hadley chose to be baptised and it was such a special day!

(i dont know why this pic is so small)

thanks had for being a special girl! we love you and are so proud of you!!

Hadley birthday!

I can't believe Had is 8! It has gone by so fast. She is such a lovely girl, a great helper, friend, sister and we love her dearly!!

she went to clearfield aquatic center for her friend party but those pics are on brands phone!

random pics of clane!

girls trip

my friends brooke, madi and i did a quick girls trip to st george in sept. she and madison were running in the zions relay race. we went down early and soaked up the sun and played and saw little mermaid before their big race!! little mermaid was sooooo awesome. we loved it!

this was us before the race......

and this was after the 2 day race!! they were dead but loved every sec of it;)